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About us
ABU USA Enterprises was founded in 2001 by Andre and Belinda Vandenberg to fill a void  created by the fast paced auction industry as it became harder for Dealer Principals to attend every auction while staying in touch with their own dealerships day by day operations. As a partial partner and general manager Andre Vanenberg started the first auction service dedicated to the power sports industry.  Andre spent 15 years to build the auction business and it grew from quarter to quarter. He started by attending a 2 day auction event and later attended around 7 auctions in 6 cities each month. Although the International Market is a large part of our business we still cater for the domestic market with a large clientèle base in the USA. We are a trusted brand used by many fine clients as a market specific consultancy. Our Mission Our mission is reliability, quality service and professionalism. We offer a professional reliable and quality driven service to all our clientèle locally or internationally.